Rather than dealing with hundreds of small matters a year, I prefer to focus on very few cases – but I do things right.


The following two catch phrases summarize my views on legal fees:


If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


Or in the words of John Pierpont Morgan:


If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it.


Since I often work as a « lawyer’s lawyer », i.e. I am often consulted by other lawyers as a litigation specialist in complex matters (or in cases where international law firms face conflicts of interest), some flexibility is possible.  This means that in some cases, my standard hourly rate is not applicable.  I also sometimes deviate from my standard rate for government institutions or for people with limited financial means involved in high-stake or highly complicated litigation, even though the stakes may be relatively low from a financial point of view.


If results matter to you, drop me a line.


















My fee structure is crystal clear.


Whatever arrangement we may find, there shall be no surprises.


My clients receive clear overviews of work performed at regular intervals.


Most lawyers and law firms develop a fee structure intended at attracting as many clients as possible.


The result is that many clients are unhappy, very often cases are handled by junior associates, responsiveness is often an issue.


My fee structure is, on the contrary, designed to attract as few clients as possible.